Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Shiloh Makes A Comeback

Happy days are here again. Shiloh is doing great. He just finished his pain meds, so now we wait and watch for further pain. He has been playing around with Mercedes and the puppies with much exuberance. He almost acts like a puppy himself. Almost.

We had a wonderful afternoon with the kids, the dogs, and the horses. We soaked in some sun (right before the snow blasted us), and I rejoiced to watch Shiloh looking so happy. The puppies jumped all over him and he just did a humored grumble. Shiloh even went over to check out the horses - and they checked out Shiloh.

More good news. We (ok, I made Rick do it) took Scamper to the horse vet. I sent Rick with a big list of things to check out. Scamper's teeth needed to be filed down, she had an x-ray of a hoof/leg that had been sore before my knee surgery, and I made sure she was strong enough to hold my weight. Scamper has a little bit of arthritis in the sore leg, and all we have to do is give her aspirin every day. We also need to give her a hefty dose of glucosamine if we want to keep her joints in tip top joints. I am all for preventing any possible problems. I love that horse like I love Shiloh.

Weather permitting, I hope to get out and play with Shiloh and the other dogs in the sun very soon. And I can't wait to go for a ride on Scamper. Tonight I am counting my blessings.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mom Used To Say ...

Mom used to say, "Don't cross the road until you get to it." It was good advice. We took Shiloh in to the vet's on Saturday. Actually, I should say that I made Rick take Shiloh to the veterinarian. I am such a bawl-baby, I cried just thinking about going.

It seemed like Rick was gone for a very long time. I tried sitting on the swing and reading a book, but nothing could get my mind off of it. I really thought Shiloh had hip dysplasia, and that we would have to let him go. We could tell he was hurting, and his legs were getting weaker each day. It was painful just to watch him try to get up or sit down.

I sat in my room, in my safe place, waiting. When I heard the front door open, I froze. Then I heard Shiloh's feet padding along to my bedroom. Rick came in with a bottle of pain medication and a great big smile on his face.

Shiloh does not have anything wrong with his legs or hips. He has a back injury. When Shiloh gets really excited, he runs so fast on the hard floors, he slides off of his feet. We think that's how he hurt his back. The vet gave us pain medication with the hopes that his back will heal on its own. We'll have to see if he is still in pain after the prescription runs out, but that just means that the vet will find another pain medication for Shiloh.

HAPPY DANCE. HAPPY DANCE. HAPPY DANCE. I am so happy. What a relief. It is just like Mom used to say, don't cross the road before you get to it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

I Could Use A Good Laugh

Please send me jokes and funny things, I could use a good laugh right now. Shiloh, MY Shiloh, is wearing down fast. Shiloh is one of those "once in a lifetime" dogs. I have so many wonderful stories to tell about Shiloh.

Right now he has me worried. I'm afraid of what the vet is going to tell me. I can't take another loss. I don't mean to compare losing my mother to losing Shiloh. There is nothing like a mother. However, Shiloh has been with me through thick and thin, we've had him about ten years now. He slept over at Dad's with us when Mom passed away. I don't know who he gave more comfort to, me or my dad, but it was such a blessing to have his tender heart hovering over us that night. I'm not ready to tell Shiloh goodbye.

Each day Shiloh's health diminishes. I'm hoping the vet will put him on arthritis medication, but his back legs keep collapsing, and I'm not so sure that it is just arthritis. Will you pray for my boy? And send me something to make me laugh. I could use a good laugh right now.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

When We Meet Again

If I could make a wish for talents, I would wish to be able to create and sing music like Jenny Phillips. I love her music. I listened to one of her CDs the night before my mom passed away, while I held her hand. It got me through the night. One of the songs on that CD (Journey Toward Zion) has been very uplifting lately. When I get really sad, I play this song. Unfortunately, I can't play the song for you, but here are the words:

When We Meet Again

by Jenny Phillips

My feet are tired and worn
My spirit fades
Many fall by the way
Keep my feet this day.

Walk one more mile or so
Stay close to me
My faith will be my fate
My destiny.

I will rise and prove my faith
May my heart be one with yours
So you will one day
Call me friend
When we meet again.

Though trials may mark my path
And storms prevail
I know your guiding love
Will never fail.

I will rise and prove my fath
May my heart be one with yours
So you will one day
Call me friend
When we meet again.

If I endure it well
If I remain
True to the promises
Faithful to His name.

I might not have Jenny Phillip's talents, but I can sing my heart out (as loud as I want to when no one else is home) to her beautiful music.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Poem From Marge

I have been so lucky to find a friend across the United States, who is so dear to me, she is truly a sister-by-choice. I love her so much, and yet I've never met her face to face. But we've had many happy, sad, and wonderful conversations. I can trust Marge with my words and feelings. The other day Marge sent me an email, and I loved it so much, I'm posting it here:

When I saw the beautiful image of you and Scamper on your blog,
I loved how happy you looked;
this is what your photo said to me
about your relationship with Scamper...

best of friends
for nancy and scamper by marge g-s

best of friends
that's what we are
me with two legs
you with four

i know you smile
not everyone sees
it takes special eyes
special hearts

not everyone feels
the energy i sense
in your hoof beats
when you lope and canter

your energy fills me
revives me when i'm low
your wise eyes follow me
they tell me "it's okay"

you are my friend
in remarklable ways
four-legged fool and sage
you complete me

you elevate me
vindicate the best in me
and remind me how good it is
to be friends

Thank you, Marge.
I love you.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again

Late Sunday afternoon I was taking a nap. I'd had a migraine all weekend, and felt something awful. While I was sleeping, someone started tapping on my bedroom window. At first I thought it was Mindy, and I yelled for her to knock it off. The tapping got louder, and I started to worry. As I peeked out of the blinds, I saw Rick sitting on Snowy. I was SO jealous.

I grabbed my pants, stumbling as I rushed to put them on. Then I snatched the camera, and ran outside. I wasn't sure if Rick had just ended his ride or was just setting off, and I didn't want to miss at least taking a picture of him riding Snowy. I hadn't been on a horse since November 24, 2008. It felt like forever to me. Anyway, as I got outside, huffing and puffing, Snowy and Rick had disappeard. I sat down on the stairs and took a couple of pictures of Scamper.

Rick rode up a few minutes later. "Rick!" I yelled excitedly, "please let me ride Snowy." I thought it would be rude to ask him to saddle up Scamper after he was finished riding Snowy.

"What?" Rick exclaimed. "You're in your slippers!" But I didn't care. Rick's stirrups are much lower than mine, so I had quite a time pulling my leg over Snowy's big rump, but I did it. In slippers, no less, I was not about to give up.

As I climbed on to the saddle, I felt such joy rush through me. It felt so good to be sitting on a horse! I laughed out loud. Unfortunately, I couldn't get Snowy to move because I couldn't really kick him to "go" in slippers, and my feet couldn't reach the stirrups. I talked Rick in to walking me around the yard. I know I must have been quite a sight to the neighbors; I had no makeup on, didn't even bother to brush my hair, and sat on Snowy while Rick walked me around. I didn't care one bit. I giggled the whole way. It. Was. So. Much. Fun.

Mindy came and took some pictures of us as I rode around. Poor Scamper was very upset to see me riding Snowy. At first she trotted around the pen, but pretty soon she was bucking and galloping and making a lot of noise. How dare I ride Snowy? Like I said, I saw the opportunity and I took it.

The picture I am posting is a terrible picture of me ... but I had to post it anyway, because as you can see, I was just so darn happy.