Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Aliens Are Back

Thanks to Tiffany, the aliens are back. My sweet little puppies have turned in to mini-coneheads. Apparently, to get a Yorkie's ears to stand up, one has to tape them together in a unique way. When Tiffany first told me about it, I imagined some masking tape that would attach in one piece to hold both ears together. I wondered how the tape would stay on, and that should have been my first clue.

To prepare for their ears being taped, Mindy and I had to shave them as short as possible. Tiff said that it will make it easier on the puppies when we pull the tape off, which only stays on for two days. (But it sure seems like a LONG two days.) The puppies fought me and Mindy with all their strength when we put the little nose trimmer to their ears. I finally had to wrap them in a flannel blanket to hold their legs tight, and then hold their heads as steady as possible while Mindy did the shaving. After a few minutes they all settled down and accepted their fate. Except one. Which puppy is the most spoiled and naughty? That would be the one that I am keeping. Chloe. She has a LOT of strength for such a teeny little thing.

So. I went on a horseback ride, and when I came home, my puppies were gone (except for Linus, who was spared the taped ears), and out came happy little aliens jumping around my feet. It really is quite a sight to see, and I must admit that I am so happy that I didn't have to help Tiffany to put the duct tape on their ears. She is a brave soul, and she did a great job. Tomorrow the tape comes off, and the puppies ears should be sticking up instead of flopping down.

Tiffany is going to remove the tape for me. I think I might have to run out on an errand for a few minutes while she does the unveiling. I know, it is so mean of me to leave her alone to do the dirty work. But I am going to tell her that there is something I just HAVE to do (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). I'll have to give Tiffany one of my lungs to pay her back for all of the help she has given me through this whole puppy process. It has been truly wonderful, and I love my little aliens so much. Still, I'll be glad when the tape comes off ...
On the left, tape! On the right, just shaved.

Side view

Front view - my Chloe


MMack said...

I think they are cute with the duct tape. I am sure they hate it though. I am glad no one had to shave my ears to make them stand up. Although we do circumsize boys. Hmm...

Huntington Home said...

Miss Chloe is adorable I need to coem visit these aliens.. lol I love ya to death I totally forgot my camera last night so I have no pictures bummer but I will on friday and I will update them for you ok....Love ya lots like tater tots..