Monday, October 20, 2008

Sierra Picks A Puppy

Sierra is my sister's daughter. When Sierra was born, I thought she was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. If I put my finger just underneath her toes, she would curl her toes around my finger. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven every time I got to see her. Naturally, I would have to wait another four or five years before Rick and I adopted Kelly, so Sierra was like a child for both me and Rick.

As Sierra grew, I fell even more in love with her. I felt like I was Sierra's other mother. I even told her that, just so she'd know! And the funny thing was, Sierra liked all of the things I liked. She was so much like me it was eerie. Her birthday is one day after mine. So I was wondered why CHRISTY got Sierra, and not ME.

Sierra has all of my good qualities and none of the bad ones. Sierra made me a cd of her favorite songs, and now they are my favorite songs. We love all of the same things. We are so much alike, sometimes Christy will call me up to tell me something Sierra has said or done "that is SO like you, Nancy!" It tickles me to hear it. Needless to say, Sierra is my soul-mate.

One of the things that Sierra and I loved together was my dog Annie. Sierra called her Annie Puppy. Annie Puppy loved Sierra as much as Sierra loved Annie Puppy. It made sense that if Gracie had puppies, I should give one to Sierra. When I told Sierra that she could have one of Gracie's puppies, Sierra decided to surprise her husband, Daren, and give him a puppy for his birthday. It just about killed me keeping that secret. I wanted to email Sierra and Daren every adorable picture I took of each puppy. I wanted to call them when I heard the puppies bark for the first time.

Finally, FINALLY, Sierra and Daren came on Friday night to pick out a puppy. They were so cute, they brought us yummy dinner. Sierra had a little blue collar with the name Linus engraved on a metal tag. We had such a wonderful time that night. However, Sierra and Daren had a very big decision. Which puppy would they pick?

It was so much fun watching them play with the puppies. Daren was like a little kid in a candy shop. I was just so happy that they were keeping one of the puppies, which meant that I would not have to say goodbye to the puppy they chose. It didn't matter which one they picked ... but once they decided on Linus, we could tell it was a perfect fit. Linus is very playful, but also very mellow. When he sleeps, he sleeps through being moved around and lots of noise. Daren has that same quality (Once I painted a bright pink heart around each of Daren's eyes while he was sleeping.) so I think they picked the right puppy. Honestly, I don't know who was more excited to get Linus, both Sierra and Daren were so adorable. Sierra would hand Linus to Daren and say, "Go to daddy." They now have a new baby. And me? I get to see Linus any time I want, and share another wonderful miracle with my sweet soul-mate, Sierra.


MMack said...

That's so much fun. Puppies are adorable. It's nice you have such a good friend as a relative.

Amanda and Andy said...

Hi Nancy! We are so glad you found our blog. Cute puppies. It was fun to read about Sierra, you are such a loving Aunt. We would love to see your horses when we come visit Utah next.