Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Goodbye, My Friend

My friend, Shelly, passed away this morning. Jake called us, sobbing, to give us the news. Last week her body started shutting down. Although they were prepared for it, Shelly's family is devasted. She was only in her forties. Now her family mourns her departure. That's the hardest part for me, watching them lose her.

She was suffering so much. Her fragile body weighed less than 70 lbs. But she loved her family with every ounce of strength she had. She was a wonderful wife and mother. I imagine Shelly without any pain or worries, flying free and so very happy. I also imagine her watching over her loved ones, wiping a tear, or tenderly placing a hand on their cheeks.

Shelly's favorite flowers were sunflowers and daisies. Just a couple of days ago, Mindy took a beautiful bunch of sunflowers to Shelly, knowing that this would be the last time she saw Jake's mom. That sweet woman, on her deathbed, teared up when Mindy gave her the flowers. The last words she said to Mindy were "I love you." Such a beautiful woman. Goodbye, my friend.


by Susan Windle

I have seen
the shape
of my soul.

The stem
I struggle to keep straight
is a fluid thing:
the head I would hold up
has not trouble
bowing down.
And what I would keep
new and moist
with such ease,
as if my soul enjoys
every second
of its changing form,
and hidden
in each anxious fear is
a long
mellifluous laugh -

I have met the shape
of my soul.
What cannot be seen
is perfectly


Trish said...

oh Nancy, I am so sorry for you, your family, and your friends family!! Separation is something I have a very hard time with!! Even though you know the person you love is in a better place, you can't help but miss them! It's like when you take someone to the airport.....you cry your eyes out when you send them off....but those waiting to pick them up are crying tears of joy!!

Huntington Home said...

I am so sorry for your loss you are all in my prayers and I hope that things are a little lighter.. I hate when you loose someone it is soemthing that does not come easy for any of us expesially knowing they left behind children.. If you need anything we are here for you we love you and again I am so sorry!!

Tina Hutch said...

Nancy & Mindy,
I'm so sorry about the loss of your dear friend Shelly. I grew up with her husband Danny. My heart hurts for her little family. I know that she fought a tough battle. My prayers are with your family and also Shelly's. May Heavenly Father bless all those that need comfort at this time.

MMack said...

Losing someone is so hard. There aren't any words to comfort those who lose someone.