Friday, November 28, 2008

Knee Surgery

Forgive me if there are errors in this post ... I had knee surgery and I'm still goofy. I heard that! Yes, more goofy than usual. The surgery went fine but the anesthesia knocked me over like bowling pins. My oxygen level was not high enough for Recovery to let me go home, so we waited and waited and waited. A physical therapist taught me how to use crutches and to takes steps (so much fun!), and still my oxygen level wouldn't go to a normal range. Finally they let me go home with an oxygen tank. The next day I had to go back to the doctor for another oxygen test, and failed, so I'm still attached to a very long tube that follows me all around the house. Not that I go too far, but it is a challenge going around a large golden retriever who wants his mommy every single second.

We went to the Northrups' home for Thanksgiving dinner instead of taking a trip to Mt. Pleasqnt to visit Rick's parents. I felt extremely guilty but I barely made it across the street. An almost three hour drive one way would have put me in the looney bin (possibly because Rick drives like Mario Andrettie), and because my oxygen "to go" tank did not have enough oxygen to take the trip. Dinner was wonderful. Mindy sang "You Are My Sunshine" for Janice Northrup, who cried because that song reminds her of her dad. It was so cool to be there with such a loving group. They really made us feel like we were family.

Mom is getting worse. Since I had surgery my sister has been going over to help out my parents. There has been a lot of cleanup duties and all I can say is that I picked a good day to have surgery. Our family has what I call the "Hansen Gag". We gag at smells and other gross things. We can't control it, so it can be very embarrassing. Anyway, Monday a social worker is coming over to see how we can still keep Mom at home. Please remember her in your prayers. I miss everyone, but I'll be back to bother you very soon.

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